A perfect place to stay...

The "ONLY TRUE HOTEL" located at the heart of the city of the Hundred Islands Philippines along Marcos Avenue, the route towards Subic and Olongapo City in Zambales.

Islandia Hotel strives to give you full comfort with a peaceful setting inside its fully air-conditioned rooms, services at par with five star hotels by its hospitable staff.

You can relax dine at the restaurant and swim day and night in its pool exclusive for the hotel guests.

FREE Breakfast in awaits you in bed or at the restaurant with both native and western cuisine.

Islandia Hotel also caters to conference, weddings and other occasions.

Package Tours are accepted like swimming in the beach, island hopping, caving, bird watching, eco-tour, river tours, religious tours and many more.

Rates are negotiable depending on type of package.


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